Living in Longmont

Located 37 miles north of Denver,  you will find the charming city of Longmont.  This fast growing city is known for it’s craft breweries, close proximity for outdoor recreation and quaint downtown area.  The historic buildings of the downtown area are filled with uniques shops, breweries and restaurants . There are 30 restaurants located throughout downtown Longmont and 70 different shops to explore.  The local art scene has a strong presence within the community from art pieces position throughout the city,  lively theater scene and rotating art festivals each year.

For those who love the outdoors,  enthusiasts can enjoy 1500 acres of parks and open space.  Popular outdoor recreation include taking advantage of  Rabbit Mountain, St. Vrain State Park and Union Reservoir Park.  Rocky Mountain National Park is located only 30 miles from Longmont. This iconic state park is filled with stunning mountains views, hikes to beautiful mountain lakes and wildlife to see.

The neighborhoods in Longmont are a blend of older/historic homes, new builds, and farms. Popular neighborhoods within Longmont are Idaho Creek, Somerset Meadow and Chance Acres.  Longmont is a more affordable option to living in Boulder with only 20-25 minute commute.  Many of the neighborhoods of Longmont have great accessibility to biking trails and great schools.  There is a lot of local charm that makes Longmont a great place to live.

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