We are...

real estate leaders that are passionate about education. Leaders that recognize that we do more than sell houses. We educate our clients at the highest level, providing perspective and expert interpretations of market information and the intricacies of real estate transactions. Along with professional representation, we believe that putting the needs of your clients first is our highest goal. And this intense focus on client-care allows for the ultimate experience, the moment when your clients say, “We love where we live. We know that we’ve made a great decision.”

We are real estate professionals who are learning-based, we believe that providing an abundance of training, guidance and consulting to agents is the foundation for five-star service to our clients. At STEPS Real Estate, we deliver consistent education to ensure agents are serving at the highest levels achievable in the industry. Classes, on-line training, masterminds and consulting services all drive our performance. 

We Know...

that real estate is local. We choose to own a local real estate office.

Consumer Reports surveys on real estate brokerages from 2008 through 2013 conclude that consumers are equally satisfied after having used the services of an independent real estate company or a franchise. The fact is that independent companies lead the industry with 60% of the agents nationwide being a part of these local independent companies.

While the leaders of STEPS Real Estate sold real estate under multiple franchise umbrellas, they feel that a local company best allows for training on community trends and lifestyles affecting real estate values. This deep regard for local knowledge ensures that STEPS Real Estate agents best represent clients in our area. As owners of STEPS Real Estate, they are grateful for their Colorado owned and operated STEPS Real Estate company based in Boulder, Colorado.

We Believe...

that people matter.

At STEPS Real Estate, we trust that our clients recognize how much we care. We believe in helping our clients find the best home for them. By providing clear direction to guide our clients through the real estate buying and selling processes, we create ultimate clarity and therefore, ease for them. We aim for simplicity in what can be quite a stressful time. With our focus on step-by-step direction, our ultimate goal is for joy! We believe that when people know what to do, they are able to smile as they are taking new steps into their future. 

Customer Service is Our Highest Calling

At STEPS Real Estate we believe that when you hire a real estate company, you should know exactly the type of relationship and experience you will be getting. You deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect throughout the entire process of buying your home.


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